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Temporary Chauffeurs For Hire

Renting a 'Chauffeur' to drive you in your car is... economical, reliable and easy.

Temporary hiring of our licensed members to drive your car (any make) on a daily basis. An ideal service as a prelude to employing a permanent chauffeur, filling in for sick leave and avoiding problems related to parking, clamping or tow away fees, drink and driving offences and disqualifications etc.

Hiring our chauffeur to drive your car provides:

Why our company?

British Chauffeurs Guild Limited has been providing experienced chauffeurs since 1983. Our chauffeur recruitment and management process was developed with your security in mind. We only supply Guild members who have been accepted after undertaking our training programme and who often have years of experience in chauffeuring.

Our aim is to build a lasting and genuine working relationship with you by providing the very best accredited and trained security minded chauffeurs.

Why our chauffeur?

Our chauffeurs are trained by us and bound by our Rules and Codes of Conduct which govern their Guild membership. They are fully uniformed, security conscious and knowledgeable. For your comfort we will always try to supply the same chauffeur whenever possible, although this facility is not always possible. All our chauffeurs personal records are held at our office and contains their photograph, copy of driving licence, CV, references etc.

Why your car?

Your car is your comfort zone. It is clean, comfortable, familiar, convenient, reliable and most important, insured. Our chauffeurs drive your car under your own insurance policy which guarantees you are fully protected.

Temporary chauffeurs available to drive your car on an 'as and when' basis, any time, any place.

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