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Most Frequently Asked Questions

What is a chauffeur?

A chauffeur is a person who provides safe, smooth, punctual transportation, combined with quality customer service, for a variety of clients. While most chauffeurs are employed by limousine companies, there are also a number of other opportunities in this exciting and challenging career field. For example, chauffeurs are employed by corporations, top-notch hotels, private individuals, tour operators and chauffeur car-hire companies.

Why be a chauffeur?

If you are a person who:

then this may be the career you have been looking for. Many chauffeurs work only part-time, yet earn the equivalent of full-time wages. Certain types of clients tip very generously! Many people think of chauffeurs only in connection with celebrities and long, luxurious limousines. While this is certainly a part of the overall picture, chauffeurs in fact get to meet, help and work with people from all walks of life.

What kind of person makes a good chauffeur?

To succeed as a chauffeur, you must first of all be service-oriented. If you like to help people and can project a 'service attitude', then you have one of the key qualities of a good chauffeur. An essential element of the chauffeur's job is to make people's "special occasions" truly special. This requires being able to 'read' people and anticipate their needs so that you can provide the smoothest and most efficient service possible. A good chauffeur must also be flexible. That means you must be able to adapt to a wide variety of situations and deal with all kinds of clients all the while maintaining that 'service attitude' as a mobile personal assistant with security awareness.

What knowledge and skills does a chauffeur need?

A chauffeur needs to have an excellent knowledge of the area he or she will be operating in. Some formal initial training. First-rate map-reading and route planning skills are essential. Chauffeurs need to know the best places to go and the best sights to see, and how to best get to and from them. Chauffeurs need to have good driving and 'people handling' skills.

What are the requirements for membership admission?

To be admitted as a member, you will need:

Is there an age limit for chauffeurs?

Because of the expensive cars you will be driving, insurance companies require that applicants must be over 25. However there is no maximum age restrictions as this is probably the only profession where you will be more in demand the older and more experienced you become.

After I have become a member and studied the
Guilds Chauffeurs Manual, then what?

With our tremendous experience gained since 1983, we have been able to form an extremely effective work assistance programme for our members in the Temporary and Permanent positions field, we also maintain constant contact with potential employers nation-wide and in several International locations. Will all this guarantee you a job? Of course not - no one can do that, but if you prepare well and maintain that 'service attitude', you will be doing your part in helping us to maintain our very successful placement rate. Remember, we are strongly committed to the idea that:

'Your success is our success' and 'If you look good - we look good'