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In keeping with the Guild’s Committee continued policy not to involve ourselves in the situation of receiving or having to claim commissions due on bookings that we pass over to our corporate members, our Corporate Membership section introduced in 1994 continues to allow companies and individuals to advertise their services to our clients who require us to recommend a chauffeured car hire service and all for a nominal annual fee of only £300 (inc. VAT) per annum which is less than £6 per week.

As our recognised speciality established over the past 30 years is that of Security Chauffeur Training, Temporary and Permanent employment, we continue to expand this field beyond our expectations and have no desire to branch out into the 'Car Hire' industry.

From our very active and daily involvement in chauffeuring matters and having now established our ‘Corporate Section’, often and purely by accident, we seem to be frequently regarded by our vast portfolio of clients and members of the public, as a central ‘Car Hire Bureau’ from which recommendations can be obtained of members who offer their services with a particular make of car in that industry and often on a nationwide basis.

During any current membership year, corporate members will continue to be able to accept any ‘Repeat Bookings’ offered to them by clients who are initially recommended to them, without seeking the approval of the Guild.

The status of Corporate Membership is greatly raised and very much appreciated by clients, by virtue of the fact that they have voluntarily accepted to be bound by the Guilds Rules & Code of Conduct, a copy of which is issued upon acceptance together with a yearly certificate of membership which should be exhibited in your office. Memberships are renewable at the end of each year at the current fee at that time and the responsibility of renewing is that of the member concerned.

As a gesture of our appreciation for the voluntary payment of the corporate fee current at the time and which is a vital lifeline for the continued expansion of the Guilds activities, accepted members will be automatically authorised to use and print our famous Guild logo cockade and claim ‘Registered with British Chauffeurs Guild’, on any stationary and literature that they may choose to their best considered advantage throughout the period of any current membership year only.

Current and active corporate members will also be added to a dedicated section of our website as a directory listing, stating the members name, and contact details.

British Chauffeurs Guild Limited is a self-supported organisation run by chauffeurs for chauffeurs and the chauffeuring profession, which functions as a non-government grant entity and without any commercial sponsorship. As such, we very much appreciate your support by putting something back and helping us to continue to raise the standards of this very traditional and honourable profession.

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