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Commercial Membership

As a membership organisation established over 30 years with over 5000 registered members and in excess of 7000 clients, 2013 saw the introduction of our ‘Commercial Membership’ package, designed for companies to offer their goods & services to our members and clients via our website as recommended by the British Chauffeurs Guild Limited.

Upon a Commercial membership application being approved, the company details will be placed under a dedicated tab on our website, titled ‘Commercial’ directing viewers to the specific goods & services being offered via a separate listing page.

Accepted members will be automatically authorised to use and print our famous Guild logo cockade and claim ‘Registered Commercial Member of British Chauffeurs Guild Limited’, on any stationary and literature that they may choose to their best considered advantage throughout the period of any current membership year only.

The status of Commercial Membership is greatly raised and very much appreciated by clients & members of the Guild, by virtue of the fact that all Commercial Members have voluntarily accepted to be bound by the Guilds Rules & Code of Conduct, a copy of which is issued upon acceptance together with a yearly certificate of membership.

Memberships are renewable at the end of each year at the current fee at that time and the responsibility of renewing is that of the Commercial member concerned.

Once the Commercial members details have been added to the updated listings via the Guild website, from here it is recommended that a dedicated website address is created in order to direct all enquiries from the Guilds website to a landing page providing all of the information the potential new customer requires along with a unique reference number in order for the supplier to recognise all Guild referrals and if applicable activate all appropriate offers & possible discounts.

The current annual fee for Commercial Membership is currently offered as an introductory offer of only £500 +VAT.

British Chauffeurs Guild Limited is a self-supported organisation run by chauffeurs for chauffeurs and the chauffeuring profession, which functions as a non-government grant entity and without any commercial sponsorship. As such, we very much appreciate your support by putting something back and helping us to continue to raise the standards of this very traditional and honourable profession.


Commercial Application Form

Current Commercial Members:

Road Angel

Executive Vehicles UK Ltd.