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History Of The Guild

The British Chauffeurs Guild Limited was created and launched in 1983 by our current President & Founder Mr Leslie Cabrera. Having served for 15 years as a Metropolitan Police Officer in London and having spent a number of years as a professional Bodyguard, he witnessed first hand the poor standards of chauffeurs throughout the UK and after carrying out extensive research soon discovered that no authority for chauffeurs existed.

The British Chauffeurs Guild Limited will always remain the world's first authority in Licensing, Training and Employment provider for its Guild members.

Members of the British Chauffeurs Guild Limited are available to drive your car on a daily, weekly or long term basis and the Guild also offers the services of its employment agency to employers seeking chauffeurs for Permanent or Temporary positions nationwide.

The Guild is dedicated to improving and promoting the interests and reputation of the profession of chauffeuring and its members.

The Guild is neither a recognised union nor an association of employees, but is a body designed as a licensing registration authority to record the personal details of applicants and thereby issue its accepted members with a personalised 'Chauffeurs Permit'.

The number given to a member remains that member's personal number throughout the period of membership of the Guild and will not be re - issued again to any other member.

Chauffeurs permits are issued on an 'Indefinite' basis and do not have to be renewed.

An exclusive 'Silver Cockade' to be worn on the cap, together with our Guild Lapel badge.

Our Chauffeurs Manual containing the Rules of the Guild, Code of Conduct and Guidelines for Members.

Free Advisory Service

The Guild also offers a free advisory service to its members, employers of chauffeurs and any member of the public on any matter related to chauffeuring.

Leslie Cabrera, President & Founder