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Professional Driver QSI Awards 2015

The British Chauffeurs Guild were proud to have two representations at the Professional Driver QSI Awards 2015. The award was for Private or Corporate ‘Chauffeur Of The Year’.

Gold was won by British Chauffeurs Guilds’ Carlton Dennis (pictured left), and the
bronze went to Carl Fletcher (pictured right) with Les Cabrera (pictured centre) President
& Founder of British Chauffeurs Guild Limited.

2013 marked the 30th anniversary
of British Chauffeurs Guild Limited

British Chauffeurs Guild Limited is the worlds first authority in Licensing, Training and Employment Provider for its Guild members.

Members of the British Chauffeurs Guild Limited are available to drive your car on a daily, weekly or long term basis and the Guild also offers the services of its employment agency to employers seeking chauffeurs for Permanent or Temporary positions nationwide.


We offer a wide and exclusive selection of skilled, licensed and experienced chauffeurs for employment on a Permanent or Temporary basis, reducing the need for costly adverts and time-consuming interviews.

Permanent Positions:
Pre-selection services are offered on a 'No Placement – No Fee' basis with a three month guarantee of a free replacement (up to week 8 only) or part return of placement fee paid - weeks 1 – 4 (40% refund or free replacement) weeks 5 – 8 (20% refund or free replacement) weeks 9 – 12 (10% refund only).

(The above free replacement will apply once only for the duration of the remaining guarantee period)

Temporary Hiring:
Temporary hiring of our licensed members to drive your car (any make) on a daily basis. An ideal service as a prelude to employing a permanent chauffeur, filling in for sick leave and avoiding problems related to parking, clamping or tow away fees, drink and driving offences and disqualifications etc.

The establishment of The British Chauffeurs Guild has been designed to cater for:

1. The growing concern frequently expressed by employers of chauffeurs, who in the past have had little choice but to employ a chauffeur purely on trust, with often no documented evidence of competency other than an ordinary driving licence and possibly some invariably outdated work references

2. The frequent desires often expressed by the more professional type of chauffeurs who would prefer to register themselves with an Accredited Body and thereby disassociate themselves from the `wrong and undesirable` element often and currently to be found in this profession

BCG Cockade


October 28th, 2015

"Dear Sirs, I just wanted to take this opportunity to express my thanks to Carl Fletcher who drove my Daughter and me on Wednesday evening. He was the very personification of how the job should be done, in my (old fashioned) opinion. He was simultaneously courteous, professional and attentive – he wore his hat and stood outside the car to open the door for my Daughter at every venue during the evening. All in all, he was the perfect chauffeur and was a credit to your company. It comes as no surprise to learn that he has just been offered a full time job and I wish him the very best in his future. I am sure that he will be a complete success in whatever he does. Thank you once again. I look forward to my next booking. Yours faithfully "

Richard J Van Baaren
February 10th, 2013

"I can honestly say I am proud to wear the badge and be a member of The Guild."

Philip O'Brien
March 26th, 2013

"...Throughout my 19 years in London the BCG has kept me in permanent positions for most of that time. The reputation of the BCG is excellent and the training is well worthwhile."

John Lloyd, Chauffeur to CEO Grosvenor Estates
March 28th, 2013

"The company has completely understood the expectations in supplying the right person for the job, paying attention to detail and ensuring that regular feedback and effective communication delivers a first class service."

Carol, PA to MD, Hallett Retail - The Concessions People